Title. Small Talk.  

Date. 2020

Where. RMIT University

City. Melbourne, Aus 

Completed with. Estelle McDonald and Roxanna Dobraszkiewicx

The insight - the idea stemmed from a few months ago when one of the mums I babysit for was talking about needing to get a phone for her eight year old daughter as her eldest has moved to another school presenting difficulty in the rush hour that is school pick up - the specific scenario was getting stuck in traffic going between school 1 and school 2 which left her two younger children stuck in the rain with no communication - the decision to purchase a phone for her daughter comes with reluctance her concern being that she is introducing too much technology at a young age - but without it she fears a situation like this happening again.

The brand name Small Talk pretty much speaks for itself, a name that tells our consumers that this product focuses on the basic technological communication which is call and text without the distracting features and applications for communications. Small Talk meaning minimal communication for only essential purposes like touching base with your child.

A basic phone allowing simple communication (calls and texts) between parents and children (9-12). To bridge the gap between no phone and a full functional phone.

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