Title. Sharpie That Sh*t. 

Date. 2019

Where. RMIT University

City. Melbourne, Aus 

Completed with James Williams, Madi Smith and Estelle McDonald

Sharpie That Sh*t celebrates creativity in multiple ways with personal notes behind toilet doors or on the front of the car on the dashboard or just simple ideas that way ideas aren't lost or forgotten. We created scenarios in which people may call for a Sharpie therefore have incorporated an activation poster so that people can contribute their ideas. This campaign also includes a Facebook page where consumers can post and share their own “sharpie shit” moments to be viewed by others. By this concept we are creating consumer generated content which asks consumers to act as a role of the advertisers. Based on our target audience meme culture and Facebook groups are relevant and on brand. Meme groups have become a cultural phenomenon such as groups you may have heard of such as  “Subtle Asian Traits” or “Melbourne gal pals”. Groups like these suggest how meme culture can be a platform for generational reflection. The configuration of Facebook groups advocates for consensus and agreement as posts explode with comments and likes. 

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