Title. Lego Unleashed.  

Date. 2020

Where. RMIT University

City. Melbourne, Aus 

Completed with. Estelle McDonald and Roxanna Dobraszkiewicx 


Creativity crisis via unlocking kids potential through LEGO play. 

Creativity crisis exists as creative skills are something the world of tomorrow demands and children are turning to digital means of play - missing out on an element of development for these skills.

Kids are saying they have no time to play, while parents struggle to see the benefits of play - thus raising a generation of less creative, curious and happy people. 


People who aren’t inherently creative believe they’re creative when they follow a sheet of instructions to create an exact replica of the kit they’ve purchased, however this is not as “creative” on the individuals part as they may like to believe. As a means to ACTUALLY stimulate creativity we intend to remove the instructions from Lego Unleashed kits entirely. Leaving an image of what the kit could look like on the front of the box as inspiration - then letting users create their version of it. Further suggestions on the back of the box, but ultimately the sky is the limit. 


Taking the instructions out may prompt user generated ideas and instructions, as well as very unique designs of the intended or pictured creation.

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