Angelica Romanic 

Junior Designer 

Born. 23/01/1999

Bachelor of Communications (Advertising)

Studying Interior Decoration and Design 

at RMIT University

City. Melbourne, Aus

“Without the creatives, ideas do not exist and the world becomes a dark and dull place”. Yep, I made that up, but it sounds pretty right. Creativity creates brilliance and I like that idea. I look at the bigger picture because the smaller picture is depressing. I cannot afford to be intimidated by others because, basically, no one has got time for that. 

I am an energetic and focused individual looking to build my career and get involved with different creative environments. I have always desired a confident and discerning designer, and this has never changed. I am still a student of the game and the competition is rife, however, if there is one thing I’m certain of, it's my ideas and my sense of colour which bring my visuals to life. I show skills in Customer Service and Communication, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, SketchUp Pro and AutoCAD. I am also experienced in video editing (Final Cut Pro & Adobe After Effects) and Sketchup Pro. 

A.R Studios.