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Aspirations. Art Director.   

Born. 23/01/1999

Studying. Bachelor of Communications (Advertising)

at RMIT University

City. Melbourne, Aus

Angelica is an energetic and focused creative/art director in advertising. This means being a part of big projects that need fresh or finished ideas. She believes that “Without the creatives, ideas do not exist and the world becomes a dark and dull place”. Yep, she made that up but she’s not wrong. Creativity projects brilliance and she likes that idea. She looks at the bigger picture because the smaller picture is depressing. She cannot afford to be intimidated by others because, basically, she doesn’t have the time. She is not afraid to fail, she is prepared to have fun, have a laugh and enjoy what she does and be proud of what she can accomplish.

My most impressive achievements:

  1. In 2017, I put my blood sweat and tears into my Year 12 Media film in which I won an award for excellence for the year in Media for my authenticity. I made my audience salivate at my masterpiece. Creating a Melbourne’s food festival advertisement about food; the colours and sounds and took the audience through a psychedelic and satisfying journey. ​

  2. In 2017, I was curious in the media production field, therefore I decided to do work experience in a post production studio called “Method Studios”. There I learnt how to use software, how to cut footage, gave my opinion to a colour grader and listened to a voice artist in the sound studio for Mazda and Voltswagon commercials. 

  3. In 2016, I was selected for an art school trip to Italy, stayed with a beautiful family in Treviso, and went to The Tourist School of Mazzotti where I learnt German and Italian. 

  4. This year, I was lucky enough to be apart of RMIT's most anticipated night of the Advertising course; Pitch Night 2020, working within the "Creative Team".​

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Email. angelicaromanic@gmail.com
Tel. 0413886933

Based in.

Melbourne, Australia.